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    The College of Design is carrying out academic and professional education and research with contributing to the creation and cultivation of knowledge mainly in architecture and industrial design. We aim at cultivating the advanced design professionals and meeting the needs of global and national economic development. Simultaneously the college is in the position of focusing on the research and professional training of sustainable environment design, urban design, architectural design, industrial design, creative design, furniture and interior design, and interactive media design to compete with the domestic and international industries.

    Responding to the responsibilities for a globalized society, the College of Design is aiming for the formation of an outstanding base of knowledge to strengthen scholarly exchange with international design organizations and academic institutes, and to improve research and education of design, to carry out teaching and research, and to maintain an intimate tie with the government, industries, and research institutions so as to promote the government’s policies of upgrading all industries, and to promote sustainable environment management so as to maintain healthy and comfortable living environments.

    The College of Design is the place where the individual creativity of a student can be nurtured in a framework that is humanistically, socially, artistically and environmentally responsible. We offer graduate degree program in the areas
of creative and sustainable architecture studies which including environmental and urban design, building technology, design technology, history, theory and practice, and the visual design. In order to cultivate professionals with abilities
of integrated design studies particularly in architecture, the program is mainly supported by an inter-department training of architecture and industrial design,
which cut across the discipline groups are our devoted teaching,interdisciplinary training, and the remarkable faculty.